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Ditch the career confusion;

you're destined for more than career limbo. Let's ditch the 'I don't knows' for actionable steps that light up your path to fulfillment.

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  • Stuck on your next career move?
  • Valuing yourself by income and title?
  • Thinking you've wrecked your career?
  • Restlessly seeking stability?
  • Hurt from a recent layoff?

You're not just searching for a job; you're redefining your approach to career growth.

Uncover the true barriers to your success and learn how to navigate them with confidence.

Move beyond the paralysis of job hunting to meaningful actions that reflect your worth and potential.

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Learn how to handle failure, transforming it into a powerful source of information.

Gain deep insights into your limiting beliefs; approach interviews and networking with newfound confidence.

When you feel your best, you create value at a higher level, setting the stage for career success.

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I’ve faced many career pivots after I graduated from Stanford: professional volleyball, coding, investment banking, business operations at an AgTech start up, actor and (currently) life coach.

For myself and my clients, figuring out your next career move always comes with a special side of fries. A side (of fries) full of doubt around identity, status, worth, the “future” and purpose.

It’s true we’ve both seen work as a relentless source of stress and overwhelm. The job search?

Even more daunting- like an endless offering of those special doubt fries. But here’s the truth: the job search doesn’t have to be a descent into despair. The cycle can be broken.

With the right strategies and mindset, I’ll guide you towards a journey of career discovery that’s not only bearable but inspiring.

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What is it that you want? Let's get it.

Facing a career crossroads is a call to action, not a cause for fear.

Together, we'll navigate through past insecurities, charting a course towards a future where you lead with conviction and clarity. 

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